Dermal Threads Improve Facial Esthetics Without Surgery

Improve Your Appearance in Clarksburg Without Painful Surgery

For those who wish to enhance their appearance, dermal threads improve facial esthetics without surgery. Are you sick of sagging skin, wrinkles, creases and crow’s feet? Do you have bulldog jowls or a double chin that makes you look and feel old? Dermal threads may be what you have been waiting for. Threads are a non-surgical, long-lasting alternative that can dramatically improve your appearance for up to two years. Call Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, in Clarksburg today at (304) 662-5151 or contact us online and schedule an appointment.

Modern Ways to Improve Facial Appearance Without a Face Lift

In the past, when skin drooped due to normal aging and when creases and wrinkles began to inevitably appear, there were only two choices. We could resign ourselves to looking old, otherwise known as the “Grin and Bear It” approach. Or we could save up for a painful, expensive face lift and soldier through an extended healing and recovery time.


Now, there is a third option: Smooth dermal threads and lifting threads, simply referred to as “threads.”

Reasons to Use Smooth Dermal Threads and Lifting Dermal Threads

There are some compelling reasons to consider dermal threads instead of surgery or other invasive, painful alternatives. First, thread treatments take only 30-60 minutes, which means very little disruption to life and work schedules. We can do this service during a standard lunch hour. (This is how it earned the nickname, “the Lunchtime Face Lift.”)

Another plus: there is minimal post-op discomfort with this method, and no need for recuperation or prescription pain medications afterward. A third good reason is cost. Threads are a lot less expensive than standard surgery. These reasons, coupled with the broad range of problems threads can correct, makes this one of the most versatile treatments available today. It is also why threads have become one of the most popular treatments in the facial aesthetic world.

Dermal Threads are a Minimally Invasive Treatment

Many have found it to be a wonderful option for those who are looking for minimally invasive, no recovery-time treatments for:

  • Uneven or Drooping Eyebrows. Sometimes one eyebrow will be noticeably higher than the other, from birth. In other cases, the loss of skin elasticity makes sagging more pronounced on just one side. We can correct this with threads alone, or by using threads with BOTOX.
  • Crow’s Feet. We can treat the bane of everyone over 40 with threads, and may augment threads with a little BOTOX. This depends on the severity of the crow’s feet.
  • Smile/Frown Lines. The lines no one wants…ever. We can remedy this easily with threads alone or in combination with BOTOX and fillers.
  • Marionette Mouth Creases. These are the lines that look like a puppet’s movable mouth caused by loss of skin elasticity and subsequent sagging. Threads are a preferred way to address this problem because threads last a lot longer than dermal fillers. For some cases, we may use threads in combination with BOTOX and fillers to achieve maximum results.
  • Downturned Corners of the Mouth. This is a common problem associated with skin sagging which causes the mouth corners to droop downward, causing the person to look perpetually unhappy. Threads lift the corner areas by causing collagen production at the specific site. For certain cases, we may combine threads with BOTOX and fillers to correct this problem.
  • Jaw Line Jowls. This too, is usually caused by skin sagging from age-related collagen loss. When we introduce threads, a supportive framework of collagen repairs and lifts the skin: markedly tightening, smoothing and improving the jaw line.
  • Cheek Lines/Wrinkles. Threads are the longest-lasting method for smoothing out facial creases and wrinkles and work longer than dermal fillers. We may use BOTOX in conjunction with threads to treat certain cases.
  • Smoker’s Lip Creases. Even years after quitting, these lines can appear. Threads work longer than dermal fillers to smooth creasing and are often combined with BOTOX and fillers.
  • Scar Repair. Scars can be a difficult problem to treat; but threads are a superior way to address this problem.
  • Double Chin. Threads are a great alternative to fat freezing, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatments, or deoxycholic acid injections. We use these to dissolve fat deposits below the jaw line. Threads not only help repair sagging through site-specific collagen production, but the threading process also itself lyses (punctures) fat cells. This essentially kills the fat cells so the body can remove them permanently and naturally. Best yet, there is usually a lot less discomfort and less swelling with threads than from many of the other popular options.

Repair Wrinkles and Sagging Skin with Dermal Threads

The way threads work is ingenious because they use our body’s own natural, biological responses to help repair skin defects in the face, jawline and neck areas. Dermal threads have the same material cardiac surgeons use when they perform open heart surgeries. This proves them to be safe and are non-allergenic. After placing them under the skin with a needle and cannula, the small filaments harmlessly dissolve away as the body absorbs them over time.


But it is what happens during the healing process, after introducing threads under the skin, that is causing all the excitement. Almost immediately, wrinkles smooth and it reduces or eliminates sagging; and there is a noticeable firming effect.

Dermal Thread Placement Boosts Essential Protein Production

This is because the body sends collagen proteins to any irritated site to help the area heal. And it does not send just a little collagen. It sends lots of it; along with another protein known as elastin which aids in skin elasticity. Primarily though, it is collagen that gives our skin that supple, soft, youthful texture that we lose as we grow older. It is collagen that thickens skin so it does not have that thin, crepe paper appearance. And collagen, once again, provides the “framework” under our skin to support it and keep it from sagging.

By targeting problem areas with threads, the subsequent collagen production helps reverse the signs of aging. Much in the same way a grain of sand creates a pearl in an oyster, threads—though only minimally invasive—serve as the necessary irritation required to stimulate collagen production.

Smooth threads stimulate specific, strategic, and site-targeted collagen production. This enables us to regain a more youthful skin tone, dramatically eliminate creases and wrinkles, and improve our overall appearance. Lifting threads also do this, but we use them primarily to lift sagging skin.

What to Expect During a Smooth Dermal Thread Appointment

  • At our office, your comfort is always our number one priority.
  • After you arrive for your appointment, the treatment area (or areas) will be thoroughly cleansed, and we will apply a combination of high-quality anesthetic gels to your skin.
  • After the skin is numb and we are sure you will be comfortable, Dr. Curry will begin the thread procedure. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, depending on the number of issues under treatment. For example, if only frown lines are being addressed, it will only take about half an hour. The visit will naturally be longer if we schedule frown lines, crow’s feet and marionette lines during the same appointment.
  • Good news: There usually is not much discomfort during the procedure; mostly just a slight stinging sensation. For longer appointments it is sometimes necessary to reapply the anesthetic gel to maintain your comfort. We are glad to do this for you—no problem. Just tell us if you need more numbing.
  • The most common sensation patients feel during and after a thread appointment is a noticeable “tightening” feeling. Often, the skin will also look smoother and firmer immediately. It may take three-to-four weeks for you to see the maximum effect of treatment.
  • There will be some redness at the site afterward; but not much swelling, if any. The redness should disappear within a few hours.
  • There is not a lot of discomfort afterward, either. Even though any discomfort felt is minor, we always advise our patients to take Tylenol (if they can take Tylenol) for at least the first day after a Thread appointment.
  • There is also not a lot of bruising with Smooth Threads either: but if you tend to bruise, you may experience some discoloration. For those prone to bruising, we recommend having some Arnica Gel on hand to promote faster healing.

Call Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, for more on how dermal threads improve facial esthetics without surgery.