Fearful and Phobic Dental Patients

Managing Fear

Are you afraid during dental visits? Dr. Steven Curry, DDS has comfort measures to help you. If someone is really afraid of the dentist, he/she has dental phobia: a very common type of anxiety. Dental phobia is generally the result of a past traumatic event. Since it’s a learned emotional response, it must be “unlearned” in a safe setting. We can help patients with dental phobia feel calm and safe, since we understand the problems associated with this type of fear.
Managing fear and anxiety is an integral part of what we do every day. Good communication with our patients allows us to learn which specific things trigger fear responses. We always take time to discuss our nervous patients’ dental issues. Understanding what makes them anxious helps us take better care of them.
If you have dental phobia, you’re not alone. Dental fear is extremely common, with over 40% of Americans reporting some form of it. Our years of experience with dental phobia have given us the knowledge required to assist you. At the office of Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, the goal is for our nervous patients to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed during their visits with us.
fear of dentist
Are you afraid of the dentist?

Sedation Dentistry is Available to Help Anxious Patients

• Premedication is an anti-anxiety agent taken before an appointment. Premeds work extremely well for mildly nervous patients who need a bit of stress reduction.
• Non-I.V. Sedation is for those who are moderately anxious and need “a little something extra” to be comfortable. Non-I.V. Sedation combines anti-anxiety medications taken before the appointment with nitrous oxide and oxygen gas.
• I.V. Conscious Sedation is for anyone who is more than moderately anxious, prone to panic attacks, or is a true dental phobic. The old name for I.V. Conscious Sedation was “twilight sleep”. With I.V. Conscious Sedation, patients feel restful, calm and relaxed throughout their procedure.
Dr. Steven Curry, DDS offers Sedation Dentistry to help dental patients who are afraid.

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