Lip Enhancement and Augmentation in Clarksburg, WV

Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, Offers Esthetic Services to Improve

Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, offers facial esthetic services including lip enhancement and augmentation in Clarksburg, WV. When we look at our faces, one of the most visible indicators of youth is our lips. Nothing says vigor and health like full, symmetrical lips with an attractive, well-defined lip line. Famous cosmetic companies have made billions of dollars from products that enhance lip appearance.

Likewise, advertising firms advise these cosmetic companies on which lipsticks, lip liners and lip fillers the public wants. These industries understand one thing very well. Much of our facial attractiveness relates directly to the appearance of our lips. Fortunately, Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, offers esthetic services to improve lip appearance. Call our office today at (304) 662-5151 or contact us online to schedule your lip enhancement appointment.

From Dissatisfied to Remarkable Lips Right in Our Office

If you are like millions of people dissatisfied with the way their lips look:

  • Have you always had thin lips and hate how they make your face look plain and stern instead of youthful and full of life?
  • Did you inherit an uneven, asymmetrical lip line that looks lopsided and unattractive when you smile?
  • If you are a man, have you resorted to hiding unappealing lips under a beard or mustache?
  • Were you once a smoker and now find you have “smoker’s creases” on your lips that make you look much older than your actual years?
  • Are you noticing as you naturally age that your once full lips are shrinking with each birthday, giving your face a tired, worn appearance?

Good news! There is a non-surgical option that we can do in our office in 30-40 minutes. We use a variety of dermal fillers to increase volume and symmetry. Often, we can plump the edge that defines our lips, called the vermillion border, to make it more visible using smooth dermal threads. These smooth threads actually help rebuild and replace collagen that was either never there or lost through the normal aging process. Combined with dermal fillers, the threads help the lips “pop” and appear more visible while still looking completely natural. So, whether you are looking for a noticeable enhancement or for a more subtle change, we can help you have the lips you always wanted. 

Answers to Common Questions About Lip Enhancement and Augmentation

Q: I have very sensitive lips and have heard some people have their lip filler injections without numbing. I am too chicken-hearted for that. Is there something you can do to keep me comfortable while receiving the lip procedure at your office?
A: We always use a numbing gel to help our patients stay comfortable during the lip filler procedure. For most patients, the gel is all they need. However, we find that some patients have more lip sensitivity than others. For those with extra-sensitive lips we give anesthetic injections prior to lip enhancement to assure their comfort. At our office, making sure you’re comfortable is always a big priority.

Q: Will my lips swell after my lip augmentation procedure?
A: Yes, generally there is swelling after the appointment that may last for seven-to-ten days. This is perfectly normal and expected. We advise our patients to schedule their lip enhancement well before any scheduled social event, so any swelling reduces before they attend a big event.

Q: Is there any bruising with lip enhancement?
A: Yes, for the first week or so there is usually some discoloration involved since the lip area is prone to bruising, anyway. This is especially true for patients who take Vitamin E supplements, NSAIDs, or a baby aspirin daily for health reasons. We recommend that our patients get arnica gel (available at most large retail stores). Apply it several times a day to the bruised areas. Arnica gel works extremely well to dissipate bruising and shorten the duration of any discoloration. We also recommend they discontinue Vitamin E, certain herbal supplements, or NSAIDs, if possible, for ten days prior to their lip enhancement procedure. Those who take a single baby aspirin each day at the direction of their physician must never discontinue this medication. They must understand it is likely to cause more bruising than usual following their lip appointment.

Q: Should I take any special precautions after getting the lip enhancement?
A: Yes. While it is fine to eat and drink normally, be sure to refrain from biting, pulling at, pushing on, or sucking on your lips for the first 24 hours. They may feel a bit strange since they are more luscious and full. So we understand it may be a temptation to prod at them, but leave them alone. It is important to allow the filler to settle in place, without pushing on it. Also, if you are a stomach sleeper, try not to sleep on your face the first night after filler treatments.

Q: I am not sure what kind of lips I would like to have. Do I have options?
A: The good thing about lip augmentation is there are all kinds of different looks and results. We achieve these looks by using combinations of different lip fillers, smooth threads and BOTOX. For those who want really full, voluptuous lips: it can be done. If you want to play up the shape of your lips and have them visually “pop” (commonly known as “Vermillion Show” in facial aesthetic circles) this, too, is now possible. Do you think you’d like a subtle reshaping of your lip lines, for example: more of a cupid’s bow appearance? Not a problem. With the techniques available now, you have a multitude of options.

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