Gentle and Comfortable Orthodontic Care at Dr. Steven Curry, DDS

Dr. Steven Curry, DDS offers comprehensive Orthodontic treatment for both adults and teens. We give gentle, experienced care and are committed to achieving the best possible results for each patient. Your comfort is our first concern.
We use conventional bands, brackets and archwires to yield the greatest result in the shortest period of time. Corrections are done as gently as possible, while moving the process along quickly. We’re aware that no one wants to wait for their beautiful smile any longer than necessary. Dr. Curry tells his patients the total cost of their Orthodontic treatment on the day of their consultation appointment. Fees vary according to the complexity of the case involved, so small amounts of dental correction costs less than larger, more involved corrections. If the Orthodontic process takes longer than anticipated, the price remains the same. It never increases.
girl with braces

Your Orthodontic Fee Includes:

• Initial exam and orthodontic diagnostic work-up, films, plaster models, etc.
• Bands, brackets, archwires, rubber bands, orthodontic wax
• All ortho treatment visits
• Choice of either Orthodontic Retainers or a Positioner at the end of treatment
• Post-treatment Records visit, for final plaster models, films, etc.

If teeth need to be extracted in order to create space, we can perform any necessary extractions required, in-office. We offer gentle and comfortable surgical services. Surgery is a separate fee from Orthodontic treatment.

Why don’t we use the nearly-invisible braces or the graduated retainers to straighten teeth?

Although we understand the appeal of nearly-invisible braces and graduated sets of retainers to correct tooth malocclusion, we don’t use them for our Orthodontic patients. They may look nicer than standard braces, but some of these systems can take quite a long time to achieve the necessary correction. And, if patients are charged for treatment on a “per month” basis, over time it can amount to a significantly larger investment than it initially appears. We’ve found standard braces work well to yield the best result in the shortest period of time.

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