Premium Dentures/Snap-On Dentures

Custom-made Premium Dentures

Dr. Curry’s office provides premium dentures that are custom made for each person – no two are exactly alike. We view this service as “replacement teeth” because they’re so natural looking. We take pride in using the highest quality materials: with one of our premium dentures, no one should know your beautiful smile had assistance.

Dr. Curry hand selects the teeth and personally hand sets them. This means you can have teeth resembling your original ones, or you can change everything for a completely new look. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a natural, attractive appearance built into your denture from the start. Our greatest compliment: most of our denture patients come to us by “word-of-mouth.” Our patients recommend us to their family, friends and coworkers.

Snap-On Dentures: The “Miracle Workers”

Some people have problems wearing lower dentures.They can “float,” making it hard to talk or eat. If the ridge is oddly shaped or flattened, the lower denture won’t have anything to grip onto and will slide around. Flat ridges, gums with protruding bony places and other kinds of abnormalities can make it nearly impossible to keep a regular denture in place.

A different problem: the denture-wearer who suffers from an extremely sensitive mouth. This patient will gag easily if the denture even brushes the back of the throat or the roof of the mouth. These people also have extreme difficulty wearing standard dentures. They usually end up not wearing their denture because it makes them feel so miserable.

Thankfully, there is a solution. If enough bone is present to support implants, we can make dentures for our patients that snap into place. Snap-ons stay in position until removed and won’t slide around. For those with sensitive mouths and a problem with gagging, we make upper dentures in a horseshoe shape and remove the palate. Because snap-on dentures are secured with implants, nothing touches the roof of the mouth and they don’t extend to the problem-area of the throat. And, like our regular Premium Dentures, each Snap-On Denture is customized especially for you. Snap-Ons are more costly than our regular Premium Dentures, but the comfort factor and their superior function makes them worth the expense.

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