Comfortable Priority Care is Easy at Dr. Steven Curry, DDS

When a patient needs to see a dentist, waiting weeks is not acceptable. That’s why the office of Dr. Steven Curry, DDS offers “Priority Care” where patients come first and are scheduled promptly. Priority Care also means you can trust us to make sure your visit is gentle and comfortable.

Here’s what you can expect when you have an appointment:

• If it’s your first visit: we’ll need a few minutes of your time to fill out a Health History Questionnaire. It’s easy and simple. If you have a list of medications you’re currently taking, bring the Med List along and we’ll make a copy of it to place in your chart for Dr. Curry to review with you. If you have dental insurance, bring a copy of your insurance card or the dental insurance telephone number. We’re glad to be of assistance getting insurance benefit information for you.

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• If you’re having pain or a dental problem: your specific problem-area will be promptly and efficiently treated. We don’t require that cleanings or non-related dental work are done first. An x-ray will be taken to accurately diagnose the problem. The film is very important for doing a thorough evaluation. It’s used to determine if antibiotics will be needed, and what level and dosage will work best for you. It also reveals any underlying issues that aren’t readily apparent. After evaluating the x-ray and doing an exam, Dr. Curry will talk with you about your available treatment options.

If you need Dental Treatment, an appointment will be made at the earliest time that’s convenient for you. Patients value our prompt Priority Care scheduling. All costs for dental work are discussed up-front, so there are never any “add-on” extra fees at our office.

• If you need a Cleaning: Dr. Curry gently performs cleanings for his patients. Personally doing basic patient care allows him to catch problems early, do oral cancer screenings and find out what’s needed on a first-hand basis. If you’re seeking a dentist, a cleaning is a great way to find out if our office fits your needs, and is the level of care you’ve been searching for.

• Our Scheduling Philosophy is simple: It’s based on Priority Care too. We see patients promptly and don’t short-schedule, multi-schedule or double/triple book appointments. This difference allows us to give our patients the individualized attention they deserve. It also insures they’re given the time necessary for quality-oriented dental treatment. Our patients appreciate this extra level of care.

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