Root Canals Done in One Appointment at Dr. Steven Curry, DDS!

As a convenience to our patients, Root Canals are usually completed in just one appointment. We also restore the tooth at the same time, which eliminates the need for multiple office visits. Our patients appreciate this valuable, cost and time-saving approach.

Root Canals Can Save Damaged Teeth

A Root Canal is a procedure to save a tooth with one or more damaged nerves due to infection, decay, or trauma. Teeth cannot heal without help. When the nerve inside a tooth becomes unhealthy there are two choices: either save the tooth with a Root Canal or remove it.
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Symptoms of an Unhealthy Nerve and Dental Infection

As with some other dental problems, when a nerve starts to go bad, there may be no initial pain. The usual signs and symptoms that happen later are:

• sensitivity to hot and/or cold
• twinges with biting pressure
• a vague, generalized feeling of discomfort.

Over time, severe pain, redness and swelling develop as the nerve and surrounding pulp become infected. Doing a Root Canal at the first sign of infection before facial pain and swelling occur, is the best way to prevent unnecessary suffering. Root Canals allow you to keep your own, natural teeth for a longer period of time.
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What Happens During a Root Canal

A Root Canal is actually a tiny surgery inside a tooth. The damaged nerve, pulp, and infected tissue are removed from small tunnels, or canals. Afterward, the canals are repeatedly cleansed with germ killing solutions to eliminate even more bacteria. When this is complete, the cleansed canals are packed with materials which have natural antibacterial qualities, and a final, tooth·colored resin composite filling is put in place. When the process is finished, your tooth is restored to its original appearance.

What to Expect if You Need a Root Canal

Expect to be pleasantly surprised. In our office, Root canals are comfortable. Our patients tell us Root Canals feel like a longer filling appointment. A lot of them sleep through the whole thing. Most aren’t really even sore afterward. Although they feel just fine, we ask them not to eat on their Root Canal tooth for a few days and then eat only soft things for a while after that until everything completely heals. Soothing Sedation is always available for our patients who need a Root Canal.

Root Canals Can Save Your Good Teeth.

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