Sedation Services Give Greater Patient Comfort During Dental Visits

For anyone who’s anxious during dental appointments or for longer procedures and surgeries, Sedation makes difficult visits into good ones. It’s a wonderful service that helps patients feel comfortable, calm and relaxed whether they’re having routine fillings, root canals, crowns, implants or surgery. As a “patient-centered” office, we tailor our Sedation approach to your unique situation, making sure you feel rested during your visit with us. You’ll be treated in our office by an experienced team, which includes on-staff Nurses and Surgical Dental Assistants.

We’ve developed a good reputation for treating patients who need Sedation, so we often receive referrals from local dentists asking us to treat their patients who need sedated. They tell us their patients like a close-to-home referral and appreciate the care we give. We value the other dentists’ confidence in us and feel privileged to assist our many fine dental colleagues in this manner.
vital signs monitor
Our patients’ vital signs are monitored during Sedations

Dr. Steven Curry Has 3 Levels of Sedation to Help You

Level 1: Pre-medication is used for longer appointments for everyone; even for patients who aren’t nervous in the dental office. When the mouth is held open for a prolonged period of time, it strains facial muscles and causes cramping of the jaw, cheeks and neck. Pre-meds relax facial muscles and remove most after-appointment soreness. The extra bonus: pre-med’s muscle relaxing properties also calm and relax our patients. They’re so comfortable, they sometimes nap in the dental chair during their appointments. This is also commonly known as “Oral Sedation.”

Level 2: Non-I.V. Sedation is used for larger procedures or to calm patients who are nervous. We combine pre-meds with soothing nitrous oxide and oxygen gas. Administered together, this type of Sedation gives a feeling of rest and relaxation, even during bigger appointments. Patients frequently drowse on and off during their fillings, implants, crowns or root canals. An added plus: a 3 hour appointment only feels like 30-40 minutes to our sedated patients.

Level 3: I.V. Conscious Sedation (also known as “Moderate Sedation”) is used for more advanced surgeries and procedures, but can be used for any kind of dental work: big or small. It’s especially helpful for people who are really anxious. This Sedation is a combination of pre-meds, nitrous oxide/oxygen and medications given through an I.V. line. It works extremely well to turn what would normally be a difficult and stressful appointment into a comfortable, relaxed one. The old name for I.V. Conscious Sedation was “twilight sleep”. Patients with I.V. Sedation usually feel sleepy and take little naps throughout their appointment. Time flies by quickly: patients generally think their 3 hour appointment was only 30 minutes. That’s a pleasant bonus.

Sedation is one reason Dr. Steven Curry, DDS is able to provide a much more comfortable dental experience for you.

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