TMJ, Headache, and Facial Pain Services in Clarksburg, WV

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BOTOX and XEOMIN injections have become game-changers in the area of facial, head and neck pain. This treatment offers relief for approximately three months and can be much longer in some cases. Millions have found BOTOX to be great for anyone suffering pain due to:
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • TMJ Pain from Jaw Joint Problems
  • Pain from Bruxism (Tooth Grinding and Jaw Clenching)
  • Trigger Point Pain from Long-Term Muscle Spasms
  • Neck Pain due to Muscle Spasms

Improved Pain Relief for Facial, Head, & Neck Pain in Clarksburg, WV

85% of pain in the head and neck area is the result of hyperactive muscle activity. Stress, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and stress-related habits produce enlarged muscles in the jaw, head and neck area. These muscles spasm, producing nerve pain in the muscle (i.e., a “Charlie Horse”.)

BOTOX/XEOMIN blocks the nerve signals which cause muscle movement and spasms. The result is a relaxing of these hyperactive muscles: reducing and, in some cases, eliminating the pain.

For the 85 percent of people whose pain is the result of muscle spasms, BOTOX can be a lifesaver. Additionally, some patients can break the cycle of habits producing muscle spasms after two or three treatments. This means they may not need treatment anymore, or they may experience a longer time between needed treatments. BOTOX is a temporary treatment and we advise patients to not view it as a permanent cure for TMJ, headaches, or facial pain issues.

BOTOX is FDA approved as a treatment for migraine headaches.

General Precautions When Considering BOTOX Treatments

Although we can treat most head and neck pain from muscle spasms with BOTOX, a very small percentage of patients suffer pain as a result of other issues, some of which can be very serious. Anyone receiving BOTOX treatments for their pain should keep the following points in mind when receiving their BOTOX injections:
1. If BOTOX treatment eliminates your pain, the cause of your pain was most likely muscle-related. 2. If you have some improvement but the pain is not eliminated, we may need to adjust the dosage of BOTOX upward a bit. The dose delivered will vary, so you may need more BOTOX at your next appointment. 3. If you have no improvement whatsoever in your pain and/or symptoms, then the origin of your pain is probably not muscular in nature. This means it is possibly nerve-related and you should seek the care of a Neurologist.

Contact Dr. Steven Curry, DDS, to Schedule an Evaluation Near You

The first step in treatment requires a short evaluation to determine and pinpoint the exact cause of head, neck or facial pain. Dr. Curry will determine if BOTOX injections are the appropriate course of treatment for your particular problem. The intake takes half an hour, during which we examine and document answers to questions about the type of pain, level, and duration of pain and location(s) of pain. For facial pain or jaw joint issues, we require an x-ray film in order to rule out dental infections or other oral cavity abnormalities which can sometimes mimic TMJ and headache disorders. 

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