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Ah, Spring is (literally) in the air. Q: Is it a toothache... or a sinus infection? A: This time of year, with all the pollen and allergens, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between these 2 very different problems. It's even more dicey to tell the difference when either of these conditions can-- and will-- cause a fever. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself. Does the pain get better when you've been up for an hour or two? Do you also have a runny nose (or alternatively, nasal blockage/congestion)? Is the discomfort a steady pressure that centers mostly over your eyes and the bridge of your nose and THEN also hurts around the upper teeth? Are you dizzy? If you experience any of these, chances are it's a sinus problem. HOWEVER, if 1) the pain is a sharp, throbbing and/or stabbing pain, 2) if it "thumps with your heartbeat", 3) if your teeth hurt worse when you bite down or eat something hot or cold, or 4) if the pain centers in a specific area of teeth or is centered entirely around the lower teeth/jaw-- THAT sounds more like a toothache. A good rule of thumb: if any of these symptoms get worse over a 24 hour period or are accompanied by swelling or fever, always seek medical or dental attention right away. ...

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Why Dr. Steven Curry, DDS?

We are a General Dental practice that’s 100% patient centered. In our office, Gentle Treatment and a Commitment to Quality isn’t just a motto: high-quality care is our standard, every day. Our patients are “priority one” and they know it. It’s a great compliment that they feel confident recommending us to their family, friends and co-workers. Their trust in us is valued and appreciated.

Full Range of Services in One location

We offer a full range of services, making Dr. Steven Curry, DDS your one-stop dental care provider. You can rely on us to take care of every need, right in our office where you feel most comfortable.

If You Call with a Dental Problem We’ll Promptly Treat That Problem

In our office, we don’t require you have cleanings, multiple X-rays, fillings, or other non-related dental treatment before finally addressing your main concern. The issue you called about will be addressed quickly and efficiently. Surgeries are generally scheduled within 1 week.

Sedation is Available for All Dental Procedures: Large and Small

Sedation is wonderful for turning a difficult, stressful dental visit into a comfortable, calm and relaxed one. Our reputation for working with fearful patients has made us the go-to office for people who are frightened during dental appointments.

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