Dr. Steven Curry, DDS provides Premium, Custom Dentures!

Custom Premium Dentures

Dr. Curry’s office provides premium dentures that are custom-made for each person—no two are exactly alike. We view this service as making “replacement teeth,” not just making a denture. Your appearance depends on natural-looking teeth. With premium dentures, no one should know your beautiful smile had assistance.
Using the highest quality materials for both conventional and snap-on dentures means you can have teeth resembling your original ones or change everything for a completely new look. Whatever you choose, an attractive, natural appearance will be built into your dentures from the start. We can also provide immediate dentures for patients who need extractions and do not want to be seen without teeth. For many, this is a preferred option.
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Some people have problems wearing lower dentures, as they can ‘float,’ making it hard to talk or eat. Usually, the problem is an oddity with the ridge, which is the gum-covered area on which the denture rests. If the ridge flattens or is shaped irregularly, the lower denture will not have anything to grip and will slide around. Improved stability can often be obtained by using a weighted, metal framework, covered with a soft liner material that protects the delicate gum tissues. We also make ‘snap-on’ dentures, which are secured through the use of dental implants. Be sure to ask about this great denture service!

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