Dr. Steven Curry can Replace Your Lost Teeth with Implants

When a tooth is lost, an Implant can be the perfect replacement solution. All our Implant and Bridge components are manufactured in the USA, so we can be certain of the standards and safety of materials used. Nothing is sent to China or to off-shore American labs that outsource to China.

We do Comfortable, Natural Looking Implants

Implants are especially attractive because they are literally “replacement teeth”. They look and function like the natural tooth you lost. We do Endosteal Implants, which are larger, more robust and sturdier than mini-implants. The bottom portion of an Endosteal Implant is 3 times the size of a mini, giving it more surface area for bone to grow around and support. Endosteals are less likely than mini-implants to move or loosen over time. Implants are also an excellent choice to securely anchor Partials and Dentures in place. Implants with snap-on fasteners attach Dentures and Partials to the mouth, so nothing can slide around or move until it’s unsnapped.
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How is an Implant Done?

Implants are made of three parts: an Implant Body, a Healing Cap, and an Abutment. Our patients are medicated and gently numbed, so they are comfortable during Implant surgery. A small hole is made in the bone to receive the Implant Body. This Implant Body acts as the “artificial root” for the new tooth that’s being constructed. After the Implant Body is placed, a small Healing Cap is installed to prevent the gum from growing into the site. Placing the Healing Cap at the time of surgery avoids the need for a second surgery when it’s time to go to the next step. The Implant site is then allowed to fully heal. The last stage is placing the Abutment, which is a rod-like device that’s secured inside the Implant Body. Abutments attach to (and support) the Crowns, Bridges or Snap-on fasteners used for Dentures or Partials.
High-Quality Implants Can Replace Your Lost Teeth.

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