Snap-On Dentures

Upper “Snap-On” Dentures

Implants Required
Some Individuals have serious problems wearing regular dentures and basically just struggle with them. If you are tired of suffering with your standard denture, Snap-On Dentures are a wonderful solution.

Common Problems Experienced with Standard Upper Dentures

• Gagging. This occurs when the palate of the denture extends to, or close to, the uvula at the back of the throat. The uvula is that fleshy part that dangles down when you look in to your mouth with a flashlight, and it is chock full of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive in some people. For the really sensitive ones, even an irritant the size of a hair can trigger severe gagging if it touches the trigger areas adjacent to this site. Since Snap-On Dentures can be made without a palate, this difficulty is reduced or eliminated. They are truly “U-shaped miracle workers” in situations like this.

● Floating Dentures that slide around in the mouth, making it hard to talk or eat. This is typically caused by oddly shaped ridges or flattened areas that do not allow the upper denture to seat properly. Normal saliva levels can then cause a kind of hydroplaning effect. Snap-On Dentures provide stability and stop the movement.
● Protruding bony places on the ridge (tori) that interfere with proper seating can happen, and Snap-On Dentures fix this too by mechanically fastening the denture in place.

● Difficulty tasting food. Although the majority of the taste receptors are on the tongue, research has shown that sealing off the palate can reduce the sense of taste significantly. With a certain percentage of the population reporting a more pronounced effect than others, the exact cause is unknown, but may stem from a decrease in saliva production which in turn reduces the number of taste particles reaching the tongue. U-Shaped, Snap-On Dentures remove the palate which eliminates the problem entirely.

woman smiling
“I know my ”Snap-On” won’t move until I take it out. What a wonderful change from my old denture!”
“Snap-On Dentures deliver a natural fit with a more comfortable, secure feeling. They’re truly the next and best generation of prosthetics available.” –Dr. Steven Curry

Lower “Snap-On” Dentures

Implants Required
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“How wonderful! My denture doesn’t slide around any more. Absolutely NO ”Buyers Remorse”!”

Frequently people have difficulty keeping their lower dentures in place while eating or talking. Typical problems we see are:
• Oddities in the shape of the lower ridge, which makes the denture less stable and more prone to movement.
•Presence of bony prominences on the lower ridge (tori) which prevents a lower denture from seating properly.

• Lower dentures have a much smaller surface area than upper dentures, resulting in less ability for the lower to mechanically adhere to and grip onto the available surface of the ridge.

• Gagging. This occurs when an unstable denture floats backward toward the sensitive areas of the throat.

• The presence of normal amounts of saliva, which can pool under a lower denture and cause sliding due to a hydroplaning effect.

• Nervous habits such as lip smacking or pushing on the lower denture with the tongue and lips can cause a denture to dislodge.
lower snap on dentures

For Those Who Cannot Tolerate Their Lower Denture: At Last, There IS a Solution

If you have adequate bone and good healing potential, the placement of 2 to 4 Implants and a lower “Snap-On” Denture is a great answer to the problems listed above. With a secured, stable denture there’s no more floating, no gagging and no more problems eating or talking. The confidence of knowing your teeth will stay in place until you’re ready to remove them is a total game-changer. Since the placement of Implants is a real surgical procedure, patients must be healthy enough to safely tolerate the surgery and have good healing potential to heal well afterward.

Although this approach costs more than standard dentures, almost universally folks who choose this route say they would do it again because of the increased comfort, stability and function.

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