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Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Fixed Bridges are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. They’re long-term and literally fixed in place so they don’t have to be taken in and out like a partial. Best of all, they function beautifully and look natural as they repair unattractive gaps.

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Question: I have been told I have a lot of bone loss around an old extraction site where two teeth are missing. I want something done so I can eat and smile without having an ugly hole. I hear a lot about implants. Will they work for someone like me? Or do I need a bridge? –Mary S.

Answer: That depends on a lot of things, including how much bone you have lost. For significant bone loss, there are a couple of ways to approach this problem. If implants are chosen, we can do bone grafting to replace the lost bone, place two implants, and make two crowns for the implants. However, if your healing potential is not optimum, or if surgery and bone grafting is not an option, there is a second alternative: one of our high-quality bridges. This solution requires that we modify a tooth on either side of the area of missing teeth, which can then serve as a support for a bridge.

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Question: What are the pros and cons of a bridge vs. an implant and crown for missing teeth? –James A.

Answer: Assuming there is enough bone support for an implant, the decision comes down to a couple of determining factors – one of which is how many teeth are missing? If it is only one tooth, an implant is probably the best choice since teeth on either side of the lost one do not have to be modified to support a bridge. As far as cost, the price for a single implant surgery, healing cap, abutment and crown is approximately the same cost as a bridge. However, if there is not enough bone present and a bone graft would be needed to repair the defect, a bridge might be the smarter pick. This is especially true when there are two or three missing teeth in one area with natural teeth present on either side of the gap. For this scenario, a bridge is the more sensible choice. This is especially true for those with bone density issues, people taking osteoporosis medications, or those with lowered healing ability. In these cases, fixed bridges are a great solution for lost teeth.

High-Quality Bridges Can Replace Your Lost Teeth.

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