Comfortable and Complete Oral Surgery & Sedation

Dr. Steven Curry, DDS provides a complete range of oral surgery services. His staff of nurses and surgical dental assistants are committed to giving you the highest quality of care possible. We routinely use Sedation during surgeries to help our patients have a better, more comfortable experience.
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Surgeries are Scheduled Quickly at the Office of Dr. Steven Curry, DDS

Surgical cases are evaluated promptly and scheduled quickly. No referral is necessary and you don’t need to wait a long time for your surgery. Prior to your surgical appointment, we’ll need to see you for a film and an intake evaluation. The examination determines if you have infection, tooth fractures, sinus involvement, bone issues or any health problems that might have an impact on your surgery.

Simple Extraction is where the tooth is gently rocked from its position by dental forceps, with no incision or bone removal needed. This kind of extraction is most commonly used for front teeth or for teeth that are loose because they have lost bone support due to gum disease. Dr. Curry routinely cleans out infection and unhealthy tissue from extraction sites to help his patients heal better. Sedation is available to improve relaxation and comfort.

Surgical Extraction is done for teeth with long roots surrounded by dense bone, teeth with more than one root, or badly decayed/broken off teeth. An incision is made in the gum and a bit of bone around the tooth is removed, allowing a gentle extraction. Surgical Extractions result in quicker and better healing times for patients. Sedation is available to help our surgical patients feel comfortable, calm and relaxed.

Full Mouth Extraction is the removal of all remaining teeth. Dr. Curry cleans out infection and unhealthy tissue from extraction sites to assist healing. He also routinely does a procedure called alveoloplasty for multiple extractions. Alveoloplasty decreases sore spots under dentures significantly. It’s a smoothing and recontouring of the bone so there’s a good base for dentures to rest upon after the gum heals. We recommend soothing Sedation for these appointments.

Third Molars and Impacted Wisdom Teeth are literally a third set of molars that come in during our late teens and 20’s. Sometimes Thirds are locked in and can’t erupt normally, are located in an abnormal place (like the roof of the mouth), or are close to or in the sinus. These Impacted Wisdom Teeth often have some sort of cyst surrounding the roots. We carefully and gently extract the impacted teeth, removing cystic formations as we go. Sedation is good for this type of complex surgery. It allows patients to feel relaxed and restful throughout their appointment.

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