Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures: the Way to Have a Beautiful Smile the Same Day Your Teeth are Extracted!

Most people don’t want to be seen without their teeth. Patients often ask us if they can have their teeth removed without having to wait for their new dentures. We hear “I’m a nurse at the hospital and need to be able to speak,” or “I’m working in the public and can’t be seen without my teeth!”
But these aren’t the only reasons patients want Immediate Dentures on the same day their teeth are extracted. Often, the reasons are much more personal:

• “My (husband, wife, friend) has never seen me without teeth and I cannot go home without something to take their place”
• “I’ve seen people with no teeth or dentures. I don’t want my face to sink in”
• “Only old people don’t have teeth. I’m way too young to look old, like that.”

We understand losing your teeth is emotionally traumatic, in and of itself. A persons self esteem is tied up in their smile. That’s why we make Immediate Dentures for those who need them at the time of their surgery. Each one is made of premium materials and is customized, using high-quality denture teeth Dr. Curry specifically hand-selects to complement your individual facial contours.
Our goal is to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Here is what you can expect, if you would like an Immediate Denture at the time of your surgery:

A. We’ll need to see you for a denture appointment approximately 3 weeks prior to the date you select for your surgery. At that time, Dr. Curry will help you with tooth color and shape selections, and will assist you in determining how your denture will look. Impressions and specialized measurements are taken during this first appointment, too.

B. At a second appointment, we’ll need to take additional measures to confirm that the denture set-up is correct and is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. We’ll also ask you to look over the final denture set-up before it is sent away for processing. This step is very important, as it ensures quality control prior to the day of your surgery.

C. On the day of your surgery, Dr. Curry will use a clear surgical template made from your pre-op impression, to surgically model and contour your tissues. This helps the Immediate Denture fit better. Then, Dr. Curry stitches the gum with sutures that dissolve in 3-4 days and puts your Immediate Denture in place.

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